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Q Musso Instant Coffee- 30 Individual Serving Packets

Q Musso Instant Coffee- 30 Individual Serving Packets

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Q Musso Instant Coffee. Popular In Thailand as a healthy alternative to regular coffee. Made with 24 different herbs and spices including:

  • Goji Berry good for kidney , lungs , sight, blood sugars, fat and preventing liver fat
  • Saffron for nervous system, heart enhancement, blood count, helps reduce swelling in the joints and reduced blood sugars
  • Chrysanthemum to reduce body heat, stress, heart disease, blood cells, eye sight, blood cells
  • Star Anise helps reduce cholesterol in your blood. High anti oxidant, promotes strong bones, helps reduce joint problems, lowers blood sugar, Alzheimer's
  • Black Peppercorn helps reduce body fat, promotes weight loss, promotes perspirations, gas reduction
  • Jewel Vine Root for fatigue, reduces cramps 
  • Lingzi (Red Reishi) Mushroom Two Thousand year old mushroom antioxidant reduce blood clot and stroke, stop cancer cells and immune system booster 
  • Okra - promotes healthy skin, brain function, promoted healing of cuts and bruises inside digestive system.
  • Ginseng root - promotes healthy heart blood circulation, reduced cholesterol 
  • Coconut Oil Cream- for digestive system and fat burning, healthy bones
  • Arabica Coffee Beans helps promote healthy urine system, reduces gout and inflammation symptoms

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